Better Thermostatic Control Over Your Entire Residence
A well designed HVAC zoning system can save you money and deliver year-round balanced comfort in your home. A dampered zone system will provide separate thermostatic control for different areas of your residence, at different times of the day. As the sun proceeds across the sky during the day, the heating and cooling load shifts with the sun.Compare your heating and cooling systems to the lighting in your home. You would never want your entire home lighting to be controlled by a single switch, would you?Zoning your comfort system will give you the same control freedom that you have with your lighting!Some homeowners claim a 30% savings in their heating and cooling operation costs after installation of an hvac zoning system. It makes sense! Why heat or cool areas of your home that you are not using? Or that you only use at a particular time of day, such as your Master bedroom. With programmable thermostats controlling each zone, you can preset the time of day and preferred temperature, anticipating that your system will prepare the area before you retire for the evening. Temps in the other areas of your home will drop down until shortly before you wake in the morning.If your plans change, you can simply override at the thermostat and start that zone back up.Zoning also reduces the number of times a furnace or air conditioner cycles on and off during a 24 hour period. This not only saves $$$ at the meters, but extends the life of your equipment
Zoning does have benefits.
  • A single zoned system is much less expensive than multiple systems.
  • Temperature control per zone.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Unused areas of residence can be shut down until needed, provided no freeze issue exists.
  • Easily shut down unoccupied and unused areas at night, and condition only the sleeping areas until morning.
  • Variable speed motors consume about 1/3 of the power of a conventional blower motor.

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