5 Ways to Winterize Your Home and Save on Heating Costs

winterize your home

Cold weather is on its way and the expected fuel cost to heat your home this year will increase to 54% or higher than last year. There are a few ways you can winterize your home that will help you use less fuel and save money. Try a few of the below suggestions and get ready to bundle up!

Winterize Your Home

1. Turn Down the Thermostat

During the summer, you likely have your thermostat set to 78 degrees, at the most. This works well to keep you cool when outside temperature reach 90 degrees and higher. However, in the winter, the indoor temperature doesn’t need to be this high to feel comfortable. Turning the thermostat down to 70 degrees can help you save a lot of money on your utility bills. Throwing on a sweater and some fuzzy socks is not only cozy, it’s cost-saving as well!

2. Seal Drafty Windows and Doors

Some ill-fitting windows can end up letting the cold air into your house, and allowing the warm air from your HVAC system to escape. The simplest way to prevent this is by picking up some weather stripping at your local hardware store and applying it to the gaps around your windows and doors. This prevents cold air from coming and warm air from leaving.

3. Caulk Window Gaps

If weather stripping isn’t enough to seal the drafty gaps in your home, try caulking instead. This is a more permanent solution for those spots that are harder to repair. It traps the heat (that you’ve paid for!) inside and keeps the moisture outside. Just be careful to not caulk the window so much that you can’t open it in the spring!

4. Replace Filters

Depending on who lives in your home, you may need to be changing your HVAC filters every quarter, though homes with pets should replace the filters every month. If it’s been awhile since you’ve changed out your HVAC filters, make sure you do it now. This will help the HVAC unit to work more efficiently, therefore saving you money.

5. Get an HVAC Check-up

There are many ways to winterize your home that you can do yourself. However, there are some items that are better left to the professionals. If you haven’t scheduled a fall/winter HVAC maintenance appointment, you definitely should! This can help you identify issues you never even knew about, and prevent them from getting worse. Doing this ahead of time also ensures your HVAC unit is working properly so you don’t have to wait and find out that it’s broken on the first cold day of the season!

AComfort Can Help You Winterize Your Home

Whether you’re looking for a simple HVAC maintenance check-up, or suspect that your unit isn’t working as well as it should, give AComfort a call today. We’ll schedule a time to come visit that works for you and take a look at your system. We can repair many issues in the same appointment and ensure you’re ready for the cold months ahead! Give us a call at 678-688-7378 or contact us online!