Don’t Be Left in the Cold! Top Questions About Using the Furnace

space heater sits in middle of floor to warm space. questions about using the furnace in winter

Winter has settled in and with it comes cold temperatures, wind, and sometimes snow. Being comfortable in your own home is the key to making it through these chilly months, but cranking up the thermostat comes with a cost. Here are three of the most common questions homeowners have about staying warm in the winter.

Common Questions About Using the Furnace

How does a humidifier help to combat dry winter air?

Running your HVAC system will dry out the air inside your home. To combat this, many people try using humidifiers. A humidifier releases more moisture into the air, making it feel warmer. They’re easy to use since all you need to do is fill up the reservoir with water and turn the unit on. Then, it slowly releases that water into the air, making it more humid (hence the name). Since you’ll naturally feel warmer, you won’t need to turn the thermostat up so high, and therefore you can save a little money in the process!

Keep in mind that this solution will not work for your entire home, unless you have an extremely small and open concept floorplan. It’s better to keep the humidifier in the rooms you use most often, such as a home office, living room, or bedroom.

Will a space heater save money on energy bills vs. using the furnace?

Many people search for ways to keep their home as warm as possible for as low cost as possible. Using your HVAC system’s furnace can cost a lot of money if it’s inefficient or you like to be extra warm and cozy during the winter. This is why many people consider using a space heater instead.

In general, heating your entire home is much more cost effective with a furnace than using several space heaters throughout each room. However, if you’re spending a lot of time in one particular room, you may find it to be worthwhile to add a space heater. This way, you can lower the thermostat to save money on heating your entire home, and instead use the space heater to warm up only the area you’re using.

Does a space heater need to be cleaned?

If you regularly use a space heater in your home, you should be mindful of cleaning it to keep it working well for you.

Too much dust build-up can lead to a fire. Use a feather duster or the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to keep the dust out of the heater’s vents, grilles, or blades. Do not spray aerosol cleaners into the space heater.

If you spill food or have small, sticky handprints on the exterior of the space heater, use a damp cloth to wipe them clean. For stubborn marks, dishwashing liquid may be required. Be careful not to get any water or other liquids inside the heater, and always make sure it is cooled down before cleaning.

Have More Questions About Using Your Furnace in the Winter?

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