AComfort Knows the Warning Signs for AC Repair in Griffin, GA

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AComfort is your partner in crime for quality and timely AC repair in Griffin, GA. Have you ever experienced the discomfort of a broken-down air conditioning system? Then, you know that spaces, especially small rooms like a home office, can heat up pretty quickly. As part of South Metro Atlanta, Griffin understands the summer heat and humidity well.

An obvious sign that you need to call an HVAC service technician is when your system isn’t turning on. Although, there are other warning signs you can look out for to avoid costly repairs. Expert HVAC technicians from AComfort list the warning signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced.


Air Conditioning Repair Griffin, GA

There are many common symptoms of an air conditioning problem.

  • Cool air is not distributed evenly throughout your house. (Some rooms feel stuffy and hot, while others feel comfortable, breathable, and cool.)
  • Your thermostat is not functioning or broken.
  • Your AC system is continuously running and never shuts off.
  • There are strange odors such as a musty smell.
  • You hear strange sounds like clicking, dripping, rumbling, scraping, squealing.
  • Your utility bill has increased, even though your AC usage hasn’t.

Have you noticed any of the above signs? Contact AComfort now. A technician will complete a thorough inspection of your AC system. Our team is experienced with all major brands and types of air conditioning systems, whether you have central air or individual units. We are available for 24/7 emergency AC repairs in Griffin, GA for a small fee.


Air Conditioning Installation

Sometimes, the damage is already done and the only possible solution for your home is a new AC system. Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. That is why we never pressure you to buy a new unit if you do not need one and offer financing options. Installing a new AC system will only be suggested if it is necessary. Our air conditioning services aim at improving your indoor air quality and lowering your energy costs.

You have our promise that any new system installed will not carry harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). According to the U.S. Department of Energy, toxic chemicals such as CFCs are still in new AC systems. These chemicals are removed and reused from old systems and placed into new ones.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Are you overdue for routine HVAC maintenance? Remember, the easiest way to avoid expensive AC repairs and give your HVAC system a long life is to get seasonal maintenance from AComfort. We highly recommend a bi-annual HVAC check-up in spring and fall with AComfort’s maintenance plan and specials available. Think of HVAC maintenance as important as the maintenance you schedule for your vehicle.


AComfort is Here for Your AC Repair in Griffin, GA

Recognize a problem, so you can fix it before it gets worse. Most importantly, bi-annual HVAC maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs. AComfort’s team is available 24/7 for residential and commercial AC repair in Griffin, GA.

Contact AComfort now for an AC repair done right the first time. We can also get you started on a maintenance plan to make your system last longer. The last thing you want when you’re escaping the Georgia heat and humidity is a broken AC system. Call AComfort today at 678-688-7378 now before it’s too late and you’re breathing in stuffy, hot air.