Protect Your Heater and AC Unit from Costly Repairs or Replacement

heater and ac unit

Living in any area where the seasons change drastically throughout the year can take a toll on your heater and AC unit. Georgia is famous for its sweltering hot and sticky summers, followed by clammy and cold winters. If maintained properly, HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) can live a long life without problems.

Let’s examine how to protect residential and commercial heater and AC units from expensive repairs and replacements.


How to Protect Heater and AC Units

Follow these three simple tips to protect your HVAC unit from unnecessary harm and greatly reduce expensive repairs.

  • Change air filters every month.

Whether you do this as a homeowner or a maintenance technician completes this for a commercial property, clean air filters are vital. Think of it as clearing the throat of your HVAC system. Dirty filters with dust and grime build-up harm expensive HVAC equipment. Don’t create serious and unnecessary problems that will lead to costly repairs. Change air filters regularly to protect your heating and AC unit from harmful damage to the system and human health.

  • Keep the area around your outdoor HVAC unit clean.

In fact, if there are young children or outdoor pets, your heater and AC unit should be fenced off. Plus, complete weekly check-ups to clean the area around any outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit. This includes gently hosing off and sweeping any gunk that accumulates (animal droppings, branches, debris, dirt, leaves, etc.). For example, if there are any nearby trees or bushes, clip the foliage so it doesn’t interfere with airflow. Most importantly, any outdoor HVAC unit should be on even ground.

  • Watch for condensation build-up.

Condensation is equally as harmful as dirt and dust particles. Specifically, moisture should be efficiently draining through the HVAC system’s condensate lines and drip on the ground outside. Are there puddles around your air conditioner, heater, or furnace? There could be a clogged drain line. Contact a local HVAC professional to have this checked out immediately.

*Note: A heater and AC unit’s condensate lines usually do not clog if it’s serviced regularly (twice a year in spring and fall). It is important to check on the condensation, but an HVAC maintenance plan for your home or commercial property is essential.


Regular HVAC Maintenance with AComfort

The outdoor units of air conditioners and heat pumps should be maintained routinely between maintenance visits. Without a doubt, avoid expensive repairs and a surprise HVAC system replacement with bi-annual HVAC maintenance. Schedule HVAC tune-ups for an air conditioner every spring and every fall for a heater.

With a dependable and local HVAC company such as AComfort, you will receive top-quality maintenance. One of our expert technicians will clean your equipment and inspect it for any problems or irregularities. Then, your heater and AC unit will be tuned for high performance. Did you know that seasonal HVAC maintenance by a licensed service technician can prevent almost 100% of emergency repair calls?

Whether you have portable window units or central air, regular HVAC maintenance can extend the life of any HVAC system and save energy. Take a look at maintenance plans with AComfort here. We also have seasonal HVAC specials.


Heater and AC Unit Repair and Replacement by AComfort

AComfort is leading the way in HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacement in the Atlanta area. Protect your investment now with regular HVAC maintenance from a skilled and experienced HVAC technician.

Contact our expert team now with any heating or cooling questions or to sign up for one of our maintenance plans.