Quality, Reliable AC Service in Newnan, GA

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It doesn’t matter where you live in Georgia; the sticky, southern heat can be overwhelming. AComfort offers quality and dependable AC services in Newnan, GA along with many other areas outside of Atlanta. Newnan, Georgia residents are part of a solid suburban landscape sprinkled with many parks. Although, all the trees in the world cannot shade you from the dense Georgia spring and summer humidity.

Thankfully, AComfort has you covered with reliable air conditioning services. Count on timely HVAC system repairs, seasonal maintenance, and air conditioning installation all over Coweta County.


AC Service Newnan, GA with AComfort

Maintenance Plans

Your first line of defense against costly, unexpected air conditioning repairs is to get set up with one of AComfort’s HVAC maintenance plans. Our Comfort Care Maintenance programs fit every budget. Two precision tune-ups a year is just the start. Read our Comfort Express Agreement to clients here.

If you think seasonal HVAC tune-ups are not something you need, think again. Just like a yearly physical or a car inspection, your HVAC system deserves the same care. An AC unit is just one of the many costly investments part of your home or business. Treat it right with proper maintenance from one of AComfort’s expert technicians.


AC Repair Services

AComfort’s team of licensed and experienced HVAC professionals are masters of their craft. They can tackle any air conditioning system problem old or new, smelly or dusty, leaky or frozen, or all at once!

Commercial areas are equally as vital to keep cool and comfortable during sweltering hot and humid days. Hospitals, libraries, offices, stores, and other community areas are responsible for the well-being of their patrons. You can count on AComfort for fast AC service in Newnan, GA for commercial HVAC services and issues.


We also offer HVAC discounts for active and non-active military, as well as seniors.


AC New Unit Installation

Our technicians will analyze the cost, environmental impact, lifespan, weight, and size of your air conditioner unit to determine if it is better worth replacing than repairing. Sometimes, it does more damage to repair an old AC unit instead of replacing it with a lighter, more energy-efficient one.

While this may be costly upfront, a new unit will save you time, money, energy, and stress. Installation of a new unit is never required, unless you request it, but only suggested based on the expertise of the technician.


AC Repair Newnan, GA: AComfort Has You Covered

Getting fresh air in Newnan doesn’t just have to be in one of its many parks away from the sticky heat of Atlanta. AComfort takes pride in making sure our clients have the highest indoor air quality possible in their homes and businesses. We know the importance of a functioning heating and cooling system to your everyday comfort.

Below are the some of the equipment brands we service.


American Standard











As a proud local HVAC company of Coweta County, AComfort prides itself on quality AC services in Newnan. We accept nothing less than 100% satisfaction for residential and commercial customer service. Contact AComfort today to get started on one of our maintenance plans, schedule an AC repair, or new unit installation.