When to Schedule Air Conditioning Service in Hampton, GA

air conditoning service hampton ga

Air conditioning service in Hampton, GA is available 24/7 with your local and reliable HVAC experts at AComfort. We encourage you to schedule regular seasonal maintenance tune-ups (one in fall and one in spring) to get the most out of your air conditioner and heater.

Everything does age with time and it may slip your mind that your air conditioner will not last forever. It is important to learn about early warning signs and problems so that you can take preventive measures. Schedule an air conditioning service now to avoid bigger, costly repairs or unexpected new unit installation.



When is it Time to Schedule an Air Conditioning Service?

Air vents not blowing out cold air

One possibility is your air filter is so dirty, that it is completely blocking the airflow. This can easily turn into bigger problems. A dirty air filter can freeze up the condenser unit, limiting the cooling power of your air conditioner. Change your air filter every month to help your AC blow out cold air.

Are you really good about changing out your filters and your AC system is still not blowing out cold air? Schedule an air conditioning service in Hampton, GA, or the surrounding areas today with AComfort.


Refrigerant leak in your unit

When the coolant in your air conditioner leaks out, the unit’s temperature will become inconsistent. Specifically, this affects how well your AC runs. A refrigerant leak can then create higher energy usage, a frozen coil, low unit efficiency, uneven cooling, and/or a damaged compressor. When was the last time you self-inspected your AC unit?

Noises from beyond (cough, we mean your AC)

You would not believe the range of sounds an air conditioner can make! Check out our handy chart of problems and their associated noises.

Problem Type of sound
Refrigerant leak Hissing
Relay Clicking when you turn your AC on and off
Blower or motor issue Banging, thumping, or rattling
Compressor or fan motor Screeching
Faulty electrical components Buzzing


Frozen evaporator coil

An AC unit can freeze up and stop working due to a frozen evaporator coil. This occurs when your air conditioner isn’t getting enough air needed to function. Insufficient airflow can be caused by blocked vents and ducts, dirty filters, or a faulty fan. Here, a clean air filter is once again important to maximize airflow and indoor air quality.


Other Signs It’s Time to Schedule an AC Service

Improper drainage

Dust, algae, and dirt can clog the drain line. Plus, if water isn’t draining properly, fungus, mold, and mildew can grow, along with gasses and bad odor seeping into your home. Call a licensed and certified HVAC technician to regularly maintain, clean, and inspect your system.

Outside air conditioner unit leaking water

While this is normal on a hot or humid day, there could be other reasons for the leakage.

A broken condensate pan, low coolant levels, blocked drain pipe, or improper installation can all cause a leak. Don’t worry, the expert HVAC technicians at AComfort will clear that right up for you. Schedule a service now.


Outside air conditioning unit freezing up

Deficient airflow, low coolant, blower motor not working, or a stuck contractor can all make an outside AC unit freeze up. AComfort is here to fix the problem.

Nope, your air conditioner is not even turning on.

Is the thermostat setting on the cooling mode with your desired temperature? Are your thermostat batteries working? Replace them if they are dead. Does your thermostat turn on, but not your AC? Check the circuit breaker. Remember, your AC won’t turn on if the circuit breaker is tripped. Reset the circuit breaker by flipping the switch off and then on. Have you tried all of this? It’s time to call AComfort to the rescue for an air conditioning service.


AComfort 24/7 Air Conditioning Service Hampton, GA

More warning signs could pop up other than the ones listed above. No matter what HVAC issue you are having, AComfort will fix it promptly. Do you need a new unit installed? We can do this too.

The most important service to make to extend the life of your HVAC unit is seasonal maintenance. Although, if you have not done this, AComfort is here for emergency air conditioning service in Hampton, GA and the Atlanta area.

Call AComfort today at 678-688-7378 to schedule a service or schedule online now.