Repair vs. Replace HVAC: Functional Air Conditioning is Essential Everywhere

repair vs. replace HVAC

The repair vs. replace HVAC conversation is many times overlooked or ignored when the air conditioning breaks down. In an effort to save money, families, businesses, or other buildings try to wait out the heat. Did you know that a functioning air conditioner does a lot more than keep you cool from hot and humid weather?

Whether for a school, office, library, retail store, or your own home, having a functioning air conditioner is essential for many reasons. Let’s dive into exactly why AC is one of the most critical modern inventions.


Why is a Functional Air Conditioner Important?

  • Can save lives

Yes, you heard that right; air conditioning is without a doubt a lifesaver. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), staying indoors with an efficient air conditioner is the best prevention of heat-related death and illness.

  • Improves workforce efficiency

Have you experienced the brain fog that comes with a sweltering hot or humid day? Experts found that our body’s energy expends to cool itself down, which takes away our ability to think and reason. When offices and schools are air-conditioned, people can work and learn better because they make better decisions.

  • Provides better air quality

Air conditioners circulate and filter air, plus remove pollutants and mold from the air.  Especially for allergy and asthma sufferers, this minimizes irritants that trigger an allergy or asthma attack. Although, keeping your AC system clean and filters regularly changed through seasonal HVAC maintenance is the best way to avoid indoor air pollution.

  • Fewer insects

AC filters also keep out insects such as bedbugs, fleas, lice, parasites, and other unwanted guests far more effective than a screened open window. Insects can be dangerous to people with allergies and any pets.

  • Cooler tempers and better sleep

More than our brains can suffer from the heat. When the mercury rises, so do tempers. Specifically, heat makes our brains slow down and our heart rate and blood pressure rise. This can lead to more aggressive behavior. Therefore, a cool environment, especially in workplaces and schools can maintain peace. Furthermore, a room too hot or too cold interferes with your body’s natural temperature regulation and can disrupt sleep.


Repair vs. Replace HVAC: A Functional Air Conditioner is Key

  • Protects furniture

Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on all types of furniture. Wood and leather can warp and rot from the gain and loss of moisture. In general, any fabric is susceptible to mold that can easily breed in damp environments.

  • Shields electronic devices from overheating

High temperatures can overheat metal and lead to data loss and an overall shorter lifespan. Does your workplace include computer servers? They can be destroyed or at least suffer major damage if not kept in a cool enough environment.

  • Fewer sweat stains

We all know that the heat can be brutal on clothes. Unsightly discoloration from sweat, especially on white fabrics, can cause serious embarrassment and ruin. Keep cool with a functional air conditioning system to help preserve your clothes and money.


Repair vs. Replace HVAC Services at AComfort

For fast and dependable HVAC seasonal maintenance, repairs, and new unit installation, always rely on your local HVAC company, AComfort. Did your AC unit die on you, is making a funny noise, or releasing an unfavorable smell? Is your HVAC system leaking an unknown liquid?

Our technicians are repair vs. replace HVAC experts and will know exactly what is best for your system. The most important thing to do is call us right away instead of suffering in the heat. Stop stalling and call AComfort today to get your air conditioning unit looked at so we can service it or install a new unit.

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