Georgia Heating and Air: Seasonal Maintenance is Crucial to the Life of Your HVAC System

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Every Georgia heating and air expert would agree that bi-annual preventative maintenance check-ups on your HVAC system are crucial. The HVAC team at AComfort considers preventative maintenance check-ups to be the most important factor that can save the life of your entire system.

Let’s explore why HVAC maintenance is so vital for any home or a business owner.


HVAC Seasonal Maintenance: Its Hidden Value

Some states like Georgia do not require you to get a yearly inspection of your vehicles. Although, any mechanic would strongly encourage you to still complete regular maintenance.

Imagine letting your car go for almost a decade without any maintenance and imagine the problems and costly repairs you could run into.

Extends the Life of Your System

Most importantly, bi-annual seasonal HVAC maintenance without a doubt extends the life of your system. Just like a car inspection, a licensed Georgia heating and air technician looks at, cleans, and fixes all of the inner workings of your unit. Lubricating components, checking the refrigerant, and looking at the entire wiring are all common maintenance tasks. This allows for very tiny, minor issues to be fixed immediately instead of becoming a smelly, leaky, or noisy problem.

Higher Quality Indoor Air

Unless you are an HVAC expert yourself, you are not going to be aware of tiny red flags that could signal poor indoor air quality. A certified and licensed technician can look at and analyze every part of your HVAC system. A keen, professional eye can catch very small holes, leaks, overheating, bubbles, air pockets, condensation, and too loose or too tight screws.

Better Energy Efficiency

Allowing a licensed HVAC technician to maintain your HVAC system can help reduce your energy bills. Having an HVAC expert in your home allows this person to check everything: your windows, vents, filters, and more. Getting a second eye on all of the parts of your home or business that can affect your HVAC system is vital.

Georgia Heating and Air Experts: AComfort is Your Local Source

Just like a car, an HVAC system is an investment and certainly not a cheap one at that. While on average, an air conditioner or heater lasts between 10-15 years, many do not make it this long due to a lack of care by the owner. Now, imagine not having your HVAC system serviced for the entire time you own it. Think of all of the problems that could build up due to dirty air filters, unkempt vents, and overall ignoring of any little problem.

Luckily, AComfort offers a seasonal HVAC maintenance plan for every budget. It is best to get your system maintenance twice a year, once in the fall, then again in the spring. This allows an HVAC expert to look at your system before the heat and cold set in.

Contact AComfort now to get set up with this crucial service that can save and extend the life of your HVAC system. Today could be the start of a long, prosperous life for your Georgia heating and air system. Now, that is an investment worth saving.