Georgia Heating and Air: Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Crucial

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Georgia heating and air experts say that preventative HVAC maintenance for commercial buildings is more important than ever. Many businesses, community buildings, and property owners, just like many homeowners, try to save money by not fixing things unless they are broken. Although, expensive systems in homes and buildings such as an HVAC system are a huge investment. Why not protect and take care of them so they last as long as possible?

Bi-annual HVAC maintenance for commercial Georgia heating and air systems is vital for many reasons.


Importance of Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance, Explained by Georgia Heating and Air Experts

  • Everyone inside can be safe and healthy.

Current EPA studies show that the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. Everyone and everything are at risk when a commercial HVAC system fails on extreme temperature days, whether extreme heat or cold. Heat stroke, freezing pipes, and numbing limbs are the most common issues, especially in elderly populations. Georgia heating and air experts urge any commercial building owner to schedule preventative HVAC maintenance before the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter to identify any issues before they occur.

Similarly, dirt, dust, and mold can collect and spread on HVAC units, eventually circulating through an entire space and building. This turns healthy indoor air quality into poor ventilation. The EPA also found that some indoor pollutants have a two to five times higher concentration than outdoor pollutants. A poorly filtrated HVAC system can turn into a health hazard nightmare.

  • When people are comfortable, they stay longer and don’t want to leave.

If people walk into a stuffy and hot or clammy and cold building, they will be uncomfortable and want to leave. Especially with comfortable tenants, property owners will find there to be less turnover (people moving out). A broken HVAC system in extreme heat and cold makes people irritable and want to leave to find a better solution.

  • Save energy.

A maintained HVAC system that is regularly checked and inspected will have a less negative impact on the environment. For example, any Georgia heating and air expert will tell you that clogged lint and dust reduce an HVAC system’s capacity by at least 20%. Inefficient airflow makes an HVAC system work harder. Lower energy usage results in lower electricity bills. Money saved on electricity can be put towards other important building issues that arise.

Do Your Part to Protect Your Commercial HVAC System

  • Regular change filters every 6 months. This improves your system’s performance and increases energy efficiency.
  • Replace any thermostat batteries.
  • Look at your refrigerant levels (just like you would oil in a car).
  • Clean both indoor and outdoor equipment. This entails removing dirt, dust, and other debris. The most important equipment is anything facing a street.
  • Check for any leaks, sounds, smells, or condensation.
  • Clean water drains to prevent clogging.

Remember, an HVAC system is an important investment, especially when taking care and being responsible for other people. Invest the necessary (and small) amount of time and resources to protect the life of your commercial HVAC system. This will result in it lasting longer, avoiding costly and unexpected repairs, lower energy consumption, tenant, employee, or patron satisfaction, and improved air quality.

What Georgia Heating and Air Experts Can Do

Do not wait for a commercial system to fail to get it serviced. What if it breaks down at the most inconvenient time like the holidays or extreme weather? Scheduling bi-annual preventative HVAC maintenance in the fall and spring is your biggest defense against expensive repairs.

Don’t have time to replace filters or any of the other above-mentioned tasks for your commercial HVAC system. No problem. A licensed and certified AComfort HVAC technician will do this as part of preventative maintenance.

Schedule your winter HVAC preventive maintenance check-up for your commercial unit(s) with a Georgia heating and air technician today. Or, call 678-688-7378 now.