Georgia HVAC Companies: What Makes a Great One?

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HVAC companies strive to offer the best service with highly skilled technicians. When you find yourself a dependable, trustworthy local HVAC company, you can feel safe knowing that your heating and cooling system will last a long time. If your local team of Atlanta HVAC experts has the characteristics below, you’re in good hands.


Qualities of Great HVAC Companies

Certified, Licensed, Insured

HVAC companies should be licensed and insured in the state they operate in. Most importantly, an insured company offers protection for its workers as well as its clients.

All Proper Precautions

An HVAC technician’s tools should look clean and well-maintained. Similarly, the technicians should be certain everything is shut off properly before they begin working, such as electricity. An HVAC professional knows to keep their work area closed off so children and pets aren’t at risk of harm.

Familiar with Your Equipment

Does your HVAC company list the brands and equipment they work with regularly on their website? Make sure the company’s technicians are skilled and have knowledge of your HVAC unit’s brand specifications. With certain brands, technicians may hold a certification from the manufacturer to work on the systems. If your brand isn’t listed, inquire about this before having a service done.

On a similar note, any experienced tech will use quality equipment. For example, inquire or look for the Energy Star label, which is a sign that the equipment is energy-efficient.

New Unit Installation is Not the Only Option

Any honest tech will walk you through all of your options to fix or repair your HVAC issue(s) and explain why. If the technician cannot explain in Layman’s terms what the issue is, this should be a warning sign. Professional technicians will have no problem explaining something twice.

Depending on the age of your unit, new unit installation or a new part may be the only option. Although, a tech should not be pushing hard for a new unit replacement unless it is necessary.


Other Important Qualities HVAC Companies Should Hold

Clearly Understood Contract That Comes with a Guarantee

A contract in writing that is easy to understand is a sure way to know if your local HVAC company strives for professionality. A written contract can let you have a record that explains exactly what the technician will do and why.

All great HVAC companies will stand by their work. For instance, if a problem arises with the service or repair done, it will be no problem for the technician to return and correct it. Especially, if the problem is the mistake of the technician, it should be no extra cost to you. Before you agree to a repair or service, be certain the work is guaranteed in writing.

Positive Reviews and References

HVAC companies with a good local reputation are proud to show proof. Check out testimonials on their website. It’s also good to do your research beyond the company’s website. Does your local HVAC company have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau?

Estimates Done in Person

Any skilled HVAC company will offer a technician to come out to where you are to personally look at your unit to give you a price estimate. This is because many different elements can affect the price and the service that needs to be done.


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