Heating and Air Griffin, GA Experts Explain Air Filters

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Heating and air Griffin, GA experts are here to explain exactly what an HVAC air filter is, how it works, and what it can’t do. Knowing what an air filter is and what it does seems pretty obvious, although there are common misconceptions about what it is and exactly what it does. Let’s examine the specifics regarding air filters for residential and commercial HVAC systems.


What is an Air Filter?

An air filter is something that filters, not purifies, debris and allergens from the heat or air conditioning coming out of your HVAC system and into the space. In other words, an air filter bars contaminants (bacteria, dust, dirt, hair, microorganisms, and mold) and protects sensitive HVAC system components. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), air filters make indoor air clean and safe to breathe. In the experience of heating and air Griffin, GA HVAC technicians, this is confirmed to be true.

What is an air filter made of?

Air filters are usually composed of finely spun fiberglass (the same as attic insulation). They can also be made of pleated paper with a cardboard frame for stability.

Where is an air filter located?

Air filters are either in a slot next to your furnace or air handler or inside the return air ducts throughout multiple rooms.

Do air filters purify my air?

No, air filters filter the air.

What is the best air filter to buy for my home, small business, office, or community space?

Type of Air Filter Components Important info
Disposable Paper with cardboard frames and paper screens Not very sturdy; are not meant for long-term use
Reusable Metal frames that make them sturdier than disposable filters Manufacturer instructions explain how to clean them.



Know what size air filter and filtration level your HVAC system needs. Look at your existing air filter or your HVAC system’s equipment manual. Pleated air filters offer a higher level of filtration than non-pleated because they collect and trap microscopic airborne particles.


Heating and Air Griffin, GA Experts Explain the MERV Rating

Look for a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating on the throwaway cover or wrapping of the air filter.

What is a MERV Rating?

This rating determines the type and size of pollutants the air filter collects and its effectiveness to remove particles. The higher the rating, the smaller the particles it filters and traps, and with higher efficiency. A standard MERV rating is 8-11, which filters out larger debris particles. High-efficiency filters block out smaller debris particles.

Regular residential and commercial HVAC air filters have a MERV rating of 1-16. Normally, hospitals are a part of this category. MERV ratings 17-20 are only used for surgical operating rooms and other spaces that require absolute cleanliness.

According to heating and air Griffin, GA professionals, an air filter with a high MERV rating is not always better for your home. Do not use air filters with a higher MERV rating than what your furnace or air conditioner manufacturer recommends. The wrong air filter can impair its performance such as lowering your HVAC system’s efficiency, decreasing indoor air quality, and straining the HVAC system’s fan.

HEPA air filters are great for people with allergies, spaces with animals, and immune-comprised people. They are categorized by MERV ratings 1-20.


Count on Your Local Heating and Air Griffin, GA Experts

Your local team of heating and air HVAC experts in Griffin, GA can change out your filters for you or your business if you don’t have time. Making this a part of your spring or fall preventative maintenance check-up is easy.

Stay tuned for our next segment on air filters, when we explain how to know when to change them out!

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