Repair vs. Replace HVAC: You May Just Need to Change Your Air Filters

repair vs. replace HVAC changing your air filters

How many days or months ago did you change your air filters? One month? Six months? A year? Within the repair vs. replace HVAC conversation, the experts at AComfort by Design say there is some leeway into how often you change them depending on your HVAC system. HVAC experts and air filter manufacturers will say that the “go-to” period for putting in new air filters is once every season or every 3 months. Although, other factors come into play regarding health and indoor air quality.

Repair vs. Replace HVAC: Changing Air Filters

  1. Is the space a vacation or a vacant home?

This is the only time when you can let your air filter exchange be once a year, but preferably it is 9 to 12 months.

  1. Where is your home or business located?

If it is in a dusty or dry climate, as opposed to a humid one, your filters should be changed more frequently. Every one to three months is a great changeout schedule.

  1. Do you have any animals in the space?

With an animal such as a cat or dog, change your air filter every 2 months (60 days). If there are multiple animals, air filters should be swapped every 20-45 days (1.5 months).

  1. Is there anyone with allergies or respiratory conditions?

This is the same timeline as having multiple pets, every 20-45 days. The only type of air filters that catch allergen spores are HEPA filters (high energy particulate air) filters. HEPA filters are composed of a much finer mesh that sifts out tiny particles such as pollen, dander, and mold spores.

The more a space is used and how cluttered a space is, is a good marker of how often air filters should be changed. If you have a cluttered space, it is good to have the repair vs. replace HVAC conversation; it may just be that air filters are clogged because of the limited airflow.

Common Air Filter Questions

What Happens If I Forget to Replace My Air Filter, or Don’t Use One at All?

More contaminants such as allergens, mold, dust, and bacteria will float in the air that are so small you cannot see them with the naked eye. This increases allergies, can lead to someone having an allergy attack, and can even trigger allergies in animals. Any immune-comprised people in the space can be at a higher risk of respiratory issues.

Will My HVAC System Break If I Don’t Change Out My Air Filters?

Eventually, your HVAC system will clog up with so much debris that it will fail and die a lot sooner if your air filters aren’t replaced. Dust will jam parts of an air conditioner such as its fan motors and valves. Airflow becomes restricted and this in turn creates a strain on the HVAC system because it will work harder to operate. In short, the air simply will stop filtering properly after dust and contaminants clog the HVAC system so heavily.

Repair vs. Replace HVAC

Changing out air filters is something every homeowner (or business owner) can do themselves. Although, if you find yourself with a remarkably busy schedule, our HVAC technicians can change out your air filters for you or complete this along with bi-annual preventative HVAC maintenance.

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