Air Conditioning Repair Griffin, GA: Identify and Fix the 5 Most Common Problems

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No, you are not the only household in the Atlanta area with air conditioner problems. Local HVAC experts of air conditioning repair in Griffin, GA lay out the five most common problems they are called out to fix in households and small businesses.


Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs and Reasons

The chart below contains the five most common air conditioner issues (effects) and the most probable reason (cause) for your A/C that has stopped working or running extremely slowly. Call your local HVAC experts at AComfort immediately to schedule an A/C service so a licensed technician can identify and fix the issue.


·       The fan is still on but blowing warm or room-temperature air

·       Air is blowing from vents but not cold air

·       Thermostat appears to be working properly

A bad capacitor in the condensing unit


·       Your space is only gradually (very slowly) getting hotter

·       A/C is struggling to keep up or has stopped completely

Low refrigerant

·       The thermostat is showing a blank screen/reading

·       Liquid is overflowing onto the drain line’s pan

Clogged condensate in the drain line

·       A burning smell or banging sound coming from the ductwork

·       You hear banging or grinding

Bad (or failing) blowing motor

·       The outside A/C unit is emitting a screeching or grinding noise

Bad (or failing) compressor or condenser fan motor


Explanation of Air Conditioning Repair from Griffin, GA HVAC Experts

#1 Bad Capacitor in Condensing Unit

Specifically, capacitors give a boost of energy to the motors to get them up to speed. Over time, capacitors will weaken and cause other issues inside your air conditioner.

#2 Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant transfers heat that allows your A/C to cool a space. When the refrigerant is too low, there may be a leak and your A/C system will struggle to work efficiently.

#3 Clogged Condensate in Drain Line

As time progresses, algae and other contaminants restrict and clog the drain line until it does not properly drain if not cleaned. A clogged line will start to back up inside your A/C unit. At the same time, the blower and thermostat can remain on but the condensing unit will turn off.

#4 Blowing Motor Not Working

The blower motor moves the air inside and throughout a space and the ductwork. The ductwork’s bearings may need lubrication and cleaning off the buildup of dirt and debris. Also, as blower motors age, their capacitors will wear out and put stress on the motor.

#5 Bad Compressor or Condenser Fan Motor

It is possible that power is being prevented from properly flowing through the motor due to a tripped breaker that won’t reset. This signals a bad motor that is no longer running properly. Another possible cause is there are bad bearings or valves in the motor or compressor.


Air Conditioning Repair for Griffin, GA, and Atlanta Area

If you notice any of the issues mentioned above, it is vital to the life and efficiency of your air conditioner that you schedule an A/C service. This should always be with a licensed and certified HVAC technician to come out and look at your system.

Count on your local HVAC experts of air conditioning repair in Griffin, GA at AComfort by Design to make sure your indoor air is high quality. Schedule a service online now or call 678-688-7378. Remember to ask about preventative HVAC maintenance to extend the life of your air conditioner and heater and prevent costly emergency repairs.