HVAC Griffin, GA: How to Transition Your System from Hot to Cold Weather

HVAC Griffin GA transitioning your system from hot to cold

Many homeowners get excited about the summer-to-fall transition. HVAC experts in Griffin, GA remind us that it’s vital to give your expensive home systems and appliances the same attention and care you give to your changing wardrobe and switching house decorations. In the fall, many people’s allergies are at their worst because of the increase in pollutants from harvesting food and the changing of foliage. For this reason and many more, it is important to properly transition your HVAC system from the hot weather to the cold every early fall.


Easily Transition Your HVAC System from the A/C to Heat

Replace Your Air Filter(s)

Change out your air filters once a season (quarterly throughout the year), especially if anyone in your home has allergies, respiratory issues, or is immune-compromised. Fresh air filters clear up your HVAC and ductwork, and therefore, clear out your home. Replacing a dirty and clogged air filter with a fresh one can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.

Prepare Your Air Conditioner for the Cold

The goal is not to have your outdoor unit freeze over. Change the refrigerant, clear out the airflow, and keep it warm. Then, clean your outside A/C unit to make sure it is free of debris, animal droppings, and other stuff. Consider putting a blanket over your outdoor unit to prevent it from ice and you will also save money.

Warm Up Your Heating Source

After your heater or furnace hasn’t been used for a long time, it could take some time to function as it’s supposed to, just like a car. Turning on your heating element at a low gauge a couple of times loosens up the system and keeps the motor hot.

Purchase Energy-efficient HVAC Upgrades

The fall is a great time to do lots of things around the house because of the mild temperatures, open windows, and breezy air. Deep cleaning and dusting, painting the inside, and getting your HVAC system replaced are all great chores to do in autumn. Most importantly, completing energy-efficient upgrades in your home can get you an income tax credit and reduce energy use. If you need a new unit installed, fall is the best time to do it before something breaks unexpectedly.


HVAC Griffin, GA Preventative Fall Maintenance

A surefire way to winterize your home is to schedule a preventative maintenance checkup. Troubleshooting and DIY will only get you so far with an expensive and intricate system such as HVAC. Only a licensed and certified HVAC technician can boost your unit’s efficiency and prepare for it for cold weather by completing seasonal tasks.


HVAC Griffin, GA Maintenance, Repairs, & New Unit Installation

The great thing about fall is that it can be a pause or break between extreme seasons. The best temperatures are when you can have open windows and the natural breeze flowing in. During these times, homeowners can get done home projects and tasks they otherwise couldn’t do.

Schedule fall preventative maintenance online now by your local team of HVAC Griffin, GA professionals or call 678-688-7378.