Georgia HVAC Experts Explain the Negative Impact of a Cold Workplace

Georgia HVAC experts

Georgia HVAC professionals claim that a cold work environment, both in the summer and the winter can have negative impacts on a business and the people who work there. Ramping up the AC in the summer and not setting the heat at a comfortable temperature in the winter can have serious consequences for your staff.

Research Found by Georgia HVAC Experts

Research has found that blasting the AC in summer and not setting it high enough in the winter has negative effects on worker productivity. One study highlighted that work performance increased with a room temperature of 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit and decreased with a room temperature of 73.4 degrees.

Comparatively, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) states that the ideal workplace temperature is between 68 degrees and 76 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 20%-60%.

  • Temperature impacts movement and pace. Muscles will tense and ache in cold environments. The human brain is wired to seek warmth, so people are in more of a rush to get to a warmer place. This hinders people’s pace and movement until they seek comfort.
  • Temperature can impact a person’s mood because the brain connects temperature with feelings. One study found that people are friendlier and happier when they are comfortably warm or cool. This study also concluded that if someone is too warm or too cold, they can become aggressive.
  • A third study found that cold is often associated with feeling isolated. Oppositely warmth tends to be associated with a social connection (feeling connected to others).

What to Do for Maximum Work Productivity?

If your work environment is too cold or too hot and you’re afraid it’s affecting your productivity, speak up. Maybe the HVAC system wasn’t properly transitioned. Sometimes, the temperature change is a simple quick fix, nothing more. If this fails, try to come to a reasonable compromise (by using the research outlined above). A plan C would be to find someplace else to work that may be more comfortable such as a conference room, and if all else fails, possibly a coffee shop.

If you find yourself too cold, drink hot water with lemon or hot tea. Drinking a hot beverage when you are uncomfortably cold can raise your body temperature. Lastly, if you are too cold, bring a sweater or wrap, and if you are too hot, dress in layers that you can take off. Taking breaks to get up and walk around is the most important tip of all if you work in a cold environment. Getting up every hour has been proven to increase focus and get your muscles moving so they don’t become stiff.

The Georgia HVAC Technicians at AComfort Can Help

Without a doubt, productivity begins with comfort. If you find there is something wrong with your business’s heating element, air conditioner, or thermostat, call your local HVAC team of professionals right away. Something may be hindering your heat or air conditioning and you may not be aware.

Contact the Georgia HVAC experts today at AComfort for a heating repair, air conditioner fix, or preventative HVAC maintenance service.