winterize your home

5 Ways to Winterize Your Home and Save on Heating Costs

Cold weather is on its way and the expected fuel cost to heat your home this year will increase to 54% or higher than last year. There are a few ways you can winterize your home that will help you use less fuel and save money. Try a few of the below suggestions and get…

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HVAC problems in winter

Common HVAC Problems in Winter

It’s well known that most HVAC problems don’t appear until the coldest days of winter or hottest days of summer. When the temperatures start to dip below freezing, we see a spike in calls for emergency service. Many of the calls we receive will tend to be about similar issues. If you’re experiencing any of…

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prepare home hvac heater for winter

6 Tips to Get Your Heater Ready for Winter

The chill of winter is on its way! Is your heater ready for the season? It’s best to check your unit now, before it gets too cold. Follow these tips on what to look for with your heater before the winter weather hits, so you’re not left freezing on the first chilly day. Get Heater-Ready…

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prepare air conditioner for winter

5 Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Winter

The temperatures are dropping. Kids are wearing jackets at the bus stop. You encourage the dog to be quick outside in the morning. You know what time it is. Winter is coming. It’s time to prepare your air conditioner for winter. As you switch from air conditioning to heating for the changing seasons, take some…

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hvac georgia

It’s Time for a Fall HVAC Georgia Unit Check-Up!

Most people don’t pay much attention to their HVAC in Georgia other than warming up from the deep cold or cooling off from the extreme summer heat. However, it’s those in-between seasons that are actually more important. Fall and spring are the best times to have your HVAC unit inspected. This way, if you need…

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outdoor air conditioner unit in summer

Schedule AC Repair Before Winter Hits

It may sound silly to schedule a maintenance visit for your air conditioner in the fall, but it’s actually a really smart idea! If you’ve noticed the air conditioning in your home steadily getting worse over the summer, it’s better to have it looked at now than waiting until next spring or summer. This gives…

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