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outdoor air conditioner unit in summer

Schedule AC Repair Before Winter Hits

It may sound silly to schedule a maintenance visit for your air conditioner in the fall, but it’s actually a really smart idea! If you’ve noticed the air conditioning in your home steadily getting worse over the summer, it’s better to have it looked at now than waiting until next spring or summer. This gives…

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save on ac costs during summer

HVAC Georgia Advice: How to Save Money on AC Costs in the Summer

Summers are not known for being very forgiving in the Southeast. That is why your local HVAC Georgia company in the Atlanta area, AComfort, is ready 24/7 for emergency AC repair services. When temperatures start reaching into the 90s and higher, it gets harder to stay cool. If you don’t want to spend your entire…

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how summer weather affects ac unit

How Extreme Heat Affects Air Conditioner Repair

Georgia heat and humidity can cause more than physical issues for your body. Extreme heat also increases the chance of needing air conditioner repair. It can cause problems with your air conditioning unit, which is the last thing you want when it’s regularly over 90 degrees outside. Ensure your AC unit keeps working hard all…

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